“ZEPHYR'S POND” is a tale about Zephyr, a special dragonfly, and her musical friends of the pond. It is
also a story of love between Zephyr and Zeek, a guitar-playing dragonfly from the wrong side of the pond.
Each evening, just as the sun goes down, the creatures of the pond gather by the water's edge and the
music begins with Zephyr conducting a glorious symphony. But Izzy, a blue heron, does not join the other
members of the orchestra because he has fallen under the influence of Baracus, an evil eel. The next
morning, Izzy invites Zephyr to take a ride with him and fly together, something Zephyr loves to do. Some
unexpected bad weather kicks up a sudden gust of wind blows Zephyr away from Izzy. She loses her
bearings and becomes lost. When Izzy flies back to the pond for help, Baracus delays him. Izzy soon
realizes that Baracus has absolutely no intention of helping him find his lost friend. He then turns to the
other members of the orchestra for help. The weather worsens and prevents them from searching for
Zephyr. Desperate to bring the beloved Zephyr back home to their pond community, the friends develop a
clever idea. What will they do? Will their plan work? The adventure begins!

The story and music are original, the lyrics have staying power and the music makes the listener of all ages
want to dance and sing with the wonderfully created characters of the pond.

Above all else one must teach our children compassion. I believe that through the music and the story
Zephyr and her friends do just that.

The concept lends itself to production in diverse genres; as a musical, an animated film or a picture book
Give us a call and we will be pleased to make a presentation at your convenience.

Thank you for taking time to consider this project. For more information please contact the Zephyr's Pond Company, LTD
Zephyr's Pond      Synopsis
all songs are copy written and registered
with ASCAP
Conceived and written by: Frank L Pisani
Music: Frank L Pisani
Lyrics: Frank L Pisani & Nina Murano